Woo, Wow, and Win
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Chicago, July 11, 2017

“National Minority Supplier Development Council”

Let us help you woo, wow, and win.

We would be delighted to speak to your company or group about about how service design can inform and transform the way you develop and execute strategy. Among the topics we can address:

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You’re Never Done: Design Secrets of the Master Service Innovators

The rules and best practices of innovation come from models developed for products—even the means of measuring success. Learn about the new science of innovation in services, and how your company can apply it to develop and deploy new experiences for customers.

At Your Service: How to Use Service Design to Woo, Wow and Win Customers

Exhortations to become customer-centric do nothing in the absence of a service design that delivers the experience you want, to the customers you want, every time and without heroic efforts. Excellence in service, like quality in manufactured goods, needs to be designed in from the start, not slapped on at the end. We’ll show you how that is done.

Why the Customer Isn’t Always Right: Finding the Right Customer for Your Business

“The customer is always right” isn’t a strategy, but rather a comedy of manners born of shopkeeping etiquette in the first part of the twentieth century that has been played out (and overplayed) since. Strategic customer-centricity starts by understanding whom you want to serve then designing the experience and organization that will attract them, delight them, and keep them.

Service-Design Archetypes: Who Are You, and What Companies Inspire You? 

What’s the essence of your value proposition? Is your company a Trendsetter? A Bargain? A Classic? A Specialist? Understanding who you are is an essential step in designing experiences that delight customers and please shareholders. We’ll show you how to discover your service design archetype and put it to use.

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