Service Design and Delivery Report Card

Our Service Design and Delivery Report Card helps you evaluate your current competence in service design and identify areas for improvement.

Use our Service Design and Delivery Report Card to score your company or business unit on the ten elements (the 10 E’s) of service design and delivery. You’ll get an analysis that reveals where you’re winning and what you should do to improve.

To get the most useful result, complete the Report Card with people who come from various parts of the business. The customer service desk is likely to have a different view than the sales director or the head of operations. You can get further perspective by using the report card as the basis for customer surveys and market research. You should complete report cards for your competitors, too.

Your results are a starting point for identifying where to apply service design principles to improve your business, which service lines or business units have best practices you can propagate internally, and where you have competitive advantages to exploit or gaps to fill.




When you start the quiz using the button to the right, you’ll be asked to rate ten elements of your service design on a scale of 0-4. (Zero means, “We do not do this at all,” four means, “We’re world class.”)

By using 0 to 4, you still have a five-point scale (which statisticians like), but you can combine the results into a Grade Point Average—for example, a 3.2, equivalent to a B+.

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